Tuesday, January 10, 2012

To the JONATHAN and not PDP Association of Nigeria.

Most of my life, save for two short-lived regimes of courage and determination to do the right thing for the interest of the nation--- Mohammed and Buhari/Idiagbon's, I've often wept in lamentation at the deplorable state of affairs in my beloved country of birth. But I was never more grieved than last April when  most of our people foolishly allowed the nation to miss a winning penalty shot even without a goalkeeper manning the goalpost. 

Nigerians had a golden opportunity to change the course of the nation for the better last April, but majority of our people opted to roll with the status quo. They allowed their minds to be tricked into believing that a vote for Jonathan was not a vote for the "do nothing but loot everything PDP" even though Jonathan ran for the Presidency under PDP's umbrella. 

Along with some other right thinking compatriots, I pleaded incessantly with our people here on FB to support the best candidate in the pack based on his past accomplishments and his strong resolve to stamp out our nation's greatest obstacle to progress....CORRUPTION and THE UNABATED LOOTING OF OUR TREASURY....but unfortunately, our passionate plea, loaded with sound and objective reasoning, fell on deaf ears. Some FB friends even transformed themselves into my ideological enemies coz I refused to bulge in my deep rooted conviction that Buhari was the right man for the job and not Jonathan. 

Fast-forward  to the present day. The same people who lambasted me and other right thinking Nigerians who saw through the “Jonathan and not PDP” political gamesmanship back then are now screaming their larynx off against the same man they put in power.  But reading through some of their current blogs,  I’m amazed that they don’t feel partly responsible in any way or form for the chaotic state of Nigeria today under Jonathan. They haven’t so much as taken any responsibility for  the supporting role they played in creating  the unbearable hardship currently facing the nation through their support for Jonathan.  

Believe you me,  this is not  an “I told you so” moment. Not at all.  This is purely to remind  all of us, especially those who supported Jonathan and not PDP, of the HUGE DANGER in NOT searching our minds and hearts thoroughly, objectively, without bias, without monetary influence, without selfish interests, without sentiments (religious, tribal, ethnic, etc) before pulling our weight behind any candidate for a political office or any other position. Identifying our problems and electing the very best available candidate with the right frame of mind to solve them is extremely crucial in nation building.

So, to the "Jonathan and not PDP" association of Nigeria, while it's all well and good for you to be raising a great hue and cry over the removal of fuel subsidy and many of Jonathan's other woeful failures, you must also be man enough to take full responsibility for your part in it in order to avoid making the same dangerous mistake come 2015....assuming we still have a nation by then. 

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