Monday, October 1, 2012


Nigeria is so independent that on her very first day of “independence” in 1960, her first leader ushered in Nigeria’s new found sovereignty with the following words “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN”…. as in the Queen of England.

Nigeria is so independent that,  although she’s the 7th largest producer of crude oil in the world, she imports most of her domestic petroleum usage from abroad.

Nigeria is so independent that, although blessed with arable lands, she depends on importation of foodstuff for the  survival of those who can afford it. Millions who can’t…..starves, dies, while the government simply looks the other way.  

Nigeria is so independent that, as we speak, the President’s wife is undergoing  treatment in an unspecified hospital in Germany because we don’t have adequate medical facilities in the country. Tens of millions of poor families who can’t afford to send  ailing family members abroad, simply wait agonizingly for death to show up.  What’s even more sad is that the country is actually RICH ENOUGH to erect even high end facilities in every state of the federation. Money looted by one ex-leader alone can accomplish this.

Nigeria is so independent that after 52 YRS of sovereignty, in spite of enormous oil wealth, our government still cannot provide her citizens with basic human necessities commonly available to  citizens of less wealthy nations across the world----good schools, good roads, decent hospitals, round the clock electricity supply, round the clock water supply, etc; etc.

Nigeria is so independent that foreign corporations…especially those in the oil business, practically runs the country via our puppet leaders.

Nigeria is so independent that she depends on foreign aid (mostly furnished through our government and via innumerable NGOs) to implement desperately needed social programs for poverty stricken folks across the country while most Nigerian politicians and leaders consistently loots the nation blind. 

Nigeria is so independent that a picture of President Jonathan with hands behind his back and head bent in obedience while taking directives from the Secretary of State of a western country paints an interesting picture as to who the boss really is.

Nigeria is so independent that most of the items you see in homes of most Nigerians, including those that hardly scrapes by, are imported items. The rich arrays their homes with the nice and new items,  while the poor buys third-hand or battered ones . But in most cases, they are all IMPORTED.
Interestingly, in my several decades of residence in western countries, as well as brief business stints in eastern countries,  I’ve never been to a home where most items in use or at display weren’t locally made.

I can go on forever, but the more I write, the more my heart burns and bleeds. So I’ll simply ask again as I did in my FB status update this morning: INDEPENDENCE? WHAT INDEPENDENCE? 

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