Sunday, June 22, 2014


How many people saw the illuminating light that radiated much more brighter than the glory of lifting the World Cup itself in the Super Eagles' performance last night in Brazil? Well, if you missed it, don't beat up on yourself.

Lost in the ecstatic and euphoric celebration of our narrow victory against Bosnia-Herzegovina, I missed it too...until one of my frequent daily moments of reflection took over the reigns of my thoughts. I wasn't even a quarter-inch deep into the solitary zone of my mind before the light flashed through like thunderbolt.

Our so-called leaders, politicians, Pastors, Imams, and everyone in the country who often react outrageously to criticism, must allow this light to shine in them each and everyday of their lives if they truly love Nigeria, or remain forever condemned in their horrid hypocrisy.  

I know by now you must be wondering what the said light is. Well, let's dig right in.

It is undeniable that every Nigerian, in and outside of the country, from President Jonathan and his goons to 9JA Diasporas in the remotest part of China, vented a soured word or two of vilification against the Super Eagles for their lackluster and unproductive performance in their first outing against Iran.

You vented, I vented, we all vented, and rightfully so.

But after nearly drowning in the pool of our vituperation for almost a week, the Super Eagles responded last night in the RIGHT WAY, THE BEST WAY, THE ONLY performing much better, and I for one couldn't be more proud of them. Not just for the victory, but for the potential learning curve their victory unleashed if we are all willing to view it from the perspective of this blog.

So let it be trumpeted on the hilltop, down in the valley, and in every nook and cranny of the country. Let it be drummed in the ears and engraved in the hearts of every politician, pastor, imam, and all public office holders in Nigeria.....that they must learn to respond to the brutal criticisms that we the people regularly heaps on them when they under-perform in the exact same vein the Super Eagles responded last night in Brazil. 

Mr and Madam Politrickians, no more buying the press to Picasso-out your failures. No more hiring thugs to squash your critics. No more going to Babalawo for rituals or praying to God to sustain your position of power when your performance is nothing to write home about. Your only redemption is to go out there and perform much the Super Eagles did last night.

That is the lesson, that is the light. Learn it, and let it shine in you.

And anytime you feel bad about being lambasted for your below-par performance in office, remember that you yourself also disparaged the Super Eagles for the self-same reason somewhere between their 0-0 draw against Iran and their 1-0 victory against Bosnia-Herzegovina.   

                       Monday Midnite.                                     

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