Sunday, December 14, 2014

Monday Midnite--MY NAME IS GEJ

Folks, here's a telling YouTube clip of the first single (MY NAME IS GEJ) from my current anti-corruption, anti-bad government album "AZZHOLES ROCK."

After watching this clip, I'm sure GEJ's attack dog (OKUPE) will be gearing up to "forcefully train" me. LOL!!!

Anyhow, for the benefit of those who don't know, GEJ stands for Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, and he's the current President of Nigeria.

In his 2011 presidential bid, he bamboozled the masses with 
his claim that he had no shoes, no school bag, and that he 
carried his books in his hands during his school days, 
thereby winning the sympathy of most people as one who 
understands their predicaments...having been through hard 
times himself.

However, after four years at the helm, he's proven to be 
anything but. As a matter fact, his administration will go 
down in history as the most inept, incompetent, rudderless, 
corrupt and clueless democratically elected government in 
Nigeria till date.

His most famous quote is "I don't give a damn," and it 
features prominently in the song and clip ... coz GEJ truly 
doesn't give a damn about the well-being of Nigerians who 
are not members of his family or his corrupt and looting 

His candid mindset is uninhibitedly unveiled in this rap song. 
wrote it as if he's rapping the story himself.

Folks, the 2015 presidential election is upon us, and GEJ is 
hoping to capitalize on the gullibility of most Nigerians and 
con his way back to the presidency. Please, don't let him 
bamboozle you again. The time has come to shut him out of 
Nigeria's highest office and any other governmental position 

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