Friday, August 5, 2011

Monday Midnite--CHILDREN OF WAR

Click here to download: MONDAY MIDNITE | Children of War | CD Baby

When a representative of WAR CHILD (the non-profit organization getting ALL the sales proceeds from this single) suggested that I collect the sales first and then transfer the money to their account, I rejected the idea and insisted that they get the money directly from CD BABY every time sales hits the amount they agreed upon, which is $100.00. Lessons learnt from most people's general perception of Nigerians because of 419 has restructured my way of dealing with everyone.....especially when money is involved. I leave no room for doubts. One cent won't touch my hand from the sales of this single even though I expended a lot in time, talent and money to write, compose, arrange and produce the song. 

Thx to my good friend and brother, K.KOOL, who provided his studio FREELY for my vocals. And also to PIET and HARISSA MAY for a wonderful job on the HORN SECTION/RECORDING and VOCALS respectively. Another good friend, JOHAN QUET, shot my part of the video FREE OF CHARGE. May God bless you all for your love and sacrifice. 

Now it's up to the general public to play their part on behalf of numerous suffering children in war ravaged areas across the world by downloading the song. 

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