Saturday, August 6, 2011


Initially, because of the many unpalatable and uncivilized reactions to the inbox message about my Charity Single "CHILDREN OF WAR," which I sent in one go to a lot of my FB friends yesterday, I thought they must have been receiving the ORIGINAL MESSAGE multiple times spontaneously due to some sort of FB technical glitch. But it's now clear that they were only reacting, and viciously so in some cases, to a completely normal FB operational methodology which allows every response to a thread message to bounce back to all those tagged in the original message. 

Folks, this not something to be aggravated about at all. If you disdain responses to my original message bouncing back to you, all you need to do is make use of the ACTION menu next to the MESSAGE menu on the right side of your inbox. Click on  it and then scroll down to the option "LEAVE CONVERSATION " and click on it. Once you've done that, you won't receive any more messages connected to the thread. 

A sister, Yemisi  Ilesanmi, made the above info perfectly clear  yesterday while I was still beating up on myself and feeling very sorry thinking that the repeated sending of the original message due to FB technical glitch must have been the reason for  the ferocious anxiety. 

Now that I know that it was the responses bouncing back at ALL that got the jitters of some folks through the roof, I'm completely at peace with myself coz I didn’t do anything wrong, and there was no technical glitch. 

Those of you who ignorantly vomited distasteful words for something you could have easily fixed with just two clicks of the mouse, I hope you're heartily proud of your insensitivity and cruelty without intentional provocation. Cheers.

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