Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Benin/Ore Road: THE ROAD OF DEATH has claimed the life of MC LOPH

How many people have to perish along this road of death before the Federal Govt gets its act together and get it fixed? Lots of promises has been made, nothing has been done. Earlier today, the infamous road claimed the life of one of Nigeria's most authentic and prolific artist of the modern era, OBIAJULU NWAOZO alias MC LOPH while on his way back to Anambra from lagos.

His hit single "Osondi Owendi" which features FLAVOUR N'ABANIA, is a dancefloor anthem, not only  across Nigeria, but also in nightclubs and parties frequented and attended respectively by Nigerians and other Africans abroad. 

My personal favorite of all his tracks, and one I would encourage every Nigerian to listen to, is a flick captioned "CRY FOR NAIJA" in which he boldly dove into the core of the reality of the innumerable problems confronting our nation.

The best way we can honor this young gun who got yanked away way too soon, is to take heed
to his "CRY FOR NAIJA" and do everything within our power to bring about the change his heart cried for, our hearts cries for.

My sincere condolence goes out to his family. He will be sorely missed. Farewell....MC LOPH.

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