Monday, September 12, 2011

You are only as respectable as the global status of your country--Monday Midnite

There's no iota of doubt in my mind that we are only as respectable as the global status of our country. 

So all y'all so-called high-class and rich Nigerians, all y’all so-called well educated and intelligent Nigerians, all y’all so-called executive Nigerians, who often ignorantly believe that you've “arrived” and have risen above your country’s status, well I think it's time for y’all to get wise and realize that as long as your country commands zero respect worldwide for taking up permanent residence in the bottomless pit of underdevelopment, irrespective of your millions, irrespective of your education, irrespective of your “executiveness,” you're as poor as a church rat, you’re as dumb as a rock, and you’re as non-executive as a grave digger. 

To become respectable, we must first put in the work to make our country economically, politically and morally  strong and respectable locally and internationally. Individual accomplishments means diddly squat in terms of respectability if it’s not backed by sound and solid collective national accomplishments. 

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