Wednesday, July 24, 2013


For Nigeria to move a workable step forward in the right direction, it is absolutely imperative that the laws of separation of STATE and RELIGION be succinctly defined and enshrined in her constitution. And if already in it, such laws must be vigorously and uncompromisingly defended and established in the forefront of our daily lives across the nation. Civil and Legal Laws upon which a stable nation is built, and which unites and helps keep the people of a nation on the straight and narrow, must never be allowed to be superseded by the laws of ANY RELIGION.

Let the good tenets of our religion be visible in our character traits, in the way we treat each other, but let the practicing of our religious laws be restricted to our homes and places of worship. And for Pete's sake, let's do our diligence to disconnect them from the CIVIL SOCIETY that the nation is desperately trying to build by embracing democracy.

Until we so do, in pure understanding and total respect for such Civil and Legal Laws, we'll continuously be at each other's throats, and the nation will continue to furiously spin around like a headless chicken in the vicious circle of chaotic turbulence and gruesome violence.

As a Christian, I abhor the constant meddling of the CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION of NIGERIA (CAN) in the political and governmental policies of the nation. So I hereby call on its President,  Ayo Oritsejafor, to desist from this clearly irresponsible and un-Christian act. The Association ought to be fully focused on teaching good Christian values and reining in filthy-lucre and immoral preachers who are bent on bringing Christianity to disrepute and dragging the wonderful name of Christ through the mud in their relentless and selfish quest for material wealth, fame and fortune.

Islamic organizations and Muslim clerics in the country are not any better than their Christian counterparts either.  Their vehement support for the upholding of Sharia Laws over Civil and Legal Laws in several Northern States in the country is antithesis to democratic ideals and the cohesive running of the country. All Muslims who truly desires Nigeria to succeed as  an authentic democratic nation must recognize the need to allow the CIVIL and LEGAL LAWS of the land to reign supreme over religious laws…especially given the fact that Nigeria is a multi-religion, multicultural, and multi-ethnic country.  

Failure to intake this medication, which many extremely intelligent folks have afore-prescribed, and which many a nation across the world that were once shackled and hunkered down by religious laws have had to swallow in order to progressively and successfully move forward,  I’m heartbrokenly apprehensive that our beloved nation, a great nation that was once Africa’s beacon of hope, blessed with so much natural wealth, enormous human resources, breathtaking land and seascapes, and exquisitely beautiful terrains, will find it very hard to see a meaningful and prosperous way forward…as has been the case since independence, and as is the case as I write today.     

May we all have the courage and the fortitude to stand up and do the right thing...for the sake of our beleaguered nation.

                       Monday Midnite. 07/24/2013

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