Tuesday, July 23, 2013


In his desperate attempt to foxily persuade most naive Nigerians to cast their votes for him in the 2011 Presidential election, Goodluck Jonathan made a lot of promises during his campaign stops across the country. 

Although it can't be said that his promises were so fresh, so new, so brilliantly innovative or so complicated that they would necessitate the gathering together of thousands, hundreds, or even tens of Einstein-like brainiacs working round the clock for many, many years without  readily available gargantuan resources to ensure successful implementations or fulfillment, yet, till date, not a single one of his campaign promises, as fundamental and as shamefully belated as they were for a country of Nigeria's caliber, and as so easy to realize as they are for any less richer European nation, has been effectively delivered.     

Till date, tens of millions of Nigerians are still cruelly and insanely starved of some of the most basic of human necessities in a nation so bountifully blessed with enormous wealth in natural resources.  

Till date, Universities in Nigeria are still  increasingly graduating a great deal of street hawkers, peddlers, petty traders, 419ers, outright thieves, kidnappers and murderers.

Till date, most (if not all) of the country's freeways and local roads still proudly wears the tag: ROADS OF DEATH.

Till date, many of Nigeria's already very scanty hospitals are still mostly operating as morgues.

Till date.......well, I can go on forever, coz the list is endless.

So please permit  me to cap my rant right there and get down to the nitty-gritty of  my blog.

The point is, ZERO TOLERANTZ, the no-nonsense-straight up in ya face-duo musical outfit that brought you "WE NO GO GREE" in their quest for a FREE and FAIR election in 2011, are at it again. This time, their new flick...EXCUSE ME, MR.PRESIDENT, directly confronts President Goodluck Jonathan and asks why he hasn't make good on any of his campaign promises. 

Folks, click on the link below to purchase the single "EXCUSE ME, MR. PRESIDENT" online for just $1.50. It'll make for a highly worthy addition to your Music Library. But much more than that, we should all consider it a great honor to support any artist, any group, that's out there fighting for the betterment of our country, and consequently, the betterment of ALL OF US. 

                           Monday Midnite
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