Monday, July 11, 2011

Bishop urges pastors to adhere strictly to Christ’s doctrine

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The Bishop of the Redeemed Pillar of Fire Mission, Lagos, Paul Obinwaogu has urged pastors to adhere strictly to the laid down laws of Christ as contained in the Holy Bible.
Obinwaogu who gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Sunday in Lagos, said this had become necessary because many pastors had deviated from the laws and doctrines of Christ win large congregation.
“Pastors nowadays don’t answer ministers of God, they now answer ‘Men of God’, which is not right at all.
“Christianity has only one book of laws and doctrines which is the Holy Bible, but pastors have left out these laws in their pattern of worship.
“They have changed the real pattern of worship so as to get high number of worshippers, which shows that pastors are no longer interested in membership but number,” he said.
According to him pastors are after their stomach and not the salvation and souls of the people.
“CAN and PFN can check pastors by forming a religious task force to screen churches and pastors so that those thieves who call themselves pastors can be flushed out of the religious system,” Obinwaogu, further advised.

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