Friday, July 15, 2011

More explosions in Maiduguri

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Two explosions rocked the northeastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri on Friday, the latest in a string of incidents in a region plagued by attacks by a radical Islamist sect and reprisals by the military.
The Red Cross and National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) confirmed the blasts but said it was too early to assess the cause or how many casualties there might have been.

"There have been two blasts, followed by a rampage from the military and we're seeing innocent victims. Our officers are now nervous about being in the city," a NEMA spokesman said.
A radical Islamist sect behind almost daily attacks in the northeastern state of Borno said on Wednesday it would not open dialogue with the government until the military withdrew from the region.

The sect, which says it wants a wider application of sharia Islamic law across Africa's most populous nation, has claimed responsibility for the killings of police officers and attacks on churches and drinking spots in recent months.

Witnesses said an explosion on Friday killed members of a joint military task force who then carried out reprisal attacks. Local Borno elders, who include former police, asked the military to withdraw this week because they say they have done more harm than good.

The streets of Maiduguri, the capital of Borno, have been silenced this week as residents abandoned their homes to seek safety in the countryside and distant cities.

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  1. The President did not act in time as the Commander in Chief,a lots of people critisize him for inaction.Now he send the Military to maiduguri,the same people are now asking for him to withdraw them.So what do the people of Maiduguri really want him to do.Fold his hands while religious mis-creates that refuses to understand that NIGERIA is a secular REPUBLIC( with freedom of religion or worship)Do u think this mis-creats will venture put their hands up if Buhari was elected as President of NIGERIA? Buhari will not ask for talk with them,but wipe them or their sympatizers in jail,infact only those that are lucky to arrive jail. Buhari will wipe them out like locust spray with DDT.This religious mis-creates and their sponsorers are out to undermine the Govt. of President Jonathan.What stop the so call Elders from calling a spade it due name.They want Sharia in the whole of Nigeria, if i may ask,is that our problem now,while ordinary Nigerians are struggling to have 3 square meals,this religious-miscreats are calling for a blanket Sharia in the whole of Nigeria.Islam preach peace and respect to your fellow humans.Elders of Maiduguri should call their people to order before asking the military to be withdrawn.They should warn their youths that comfronting the Nigeria Army in their battle gears is open invitation for troubles-ask Seria-lone/Liberians.If they behave as normal citizens,the JTF will not harm them.According to the words of my Dad,whosoever bring dried wood filled with ants into his house,have also invite reptiles into his house.My last words to BOKO_HARAM.drop ur demands about Sharia in the whole of NIGERIA,and let us live inn peace.(To keep NIGERIA one is a task that must be done- Gen.Gowon)