Sunday, July 10, 2011

Is our president double-faced?

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He is educated, he is youthful and he is a Christian. Is he not truthful, purposeful and forceful?

Our president is always not here not there. He is a bifacial. He wants to fight corruption yet wants to work with politicians who are perceived as corrupt by the people. He is against zoning in one twist yet supports it in another twist. He wants to be president for just a term yet believes four years are too short for him to do anything reasonable for his country.

His speeches are as if he is a strong follower of physiocracy and industrialisation, yet his budgetary projections are always heavily hinged (almost) on oil revenue.

He believes our constitution should be amended to include his aides as voters in party elections, but feigns ignorance of the importance of trimming down the number of our ministers, in order to cut down government spending, using the same process.

In his party, he wants reforms, but also wants the party to keep its old ways. He believes power and sovereignty of a nation belong to the people, but he is usually openly obligated only to cliques and his political party.

He wants uninterrupted power supply for us, but earmarked more funds for education, health, NSA's office and even works than the ministry of energy in the 2011 budget. And he would not declare the state of emergency in the energy sector as previously promised, even when it is needful.

He preaches evenhandedness, but discriminates even among the dead. He compensated the parents/survivors of those who were killed in the crisis in the aftermath of his own election. He compensated those he believed died for him and ignored those he thought against him, though in similar circumstances (sigh).

As with "public accountability", Goodluck Jonathan is not leading the public; he is only following. He only declared his assets after his boss did so in 2007, but now as a president tagging behind his vice in the declaration of their assets. Why will it take him this long to know how much he is worth; isn't it just the sum of his net worth in 2007 and what he has earned between then and now?

I did not vote for him - because there was a better alternative. I saw through him from the beginning. How ironic that people were fooled into thinking that he wasn't a PDP politician when in fact he is very PDP like his predecessors. He lacks vision and courage. His supporters like him and that is what he wants - but if someone is a true leader or visionary, it is not about being liked; it is about reaching the goal.

It is not enough to know the problems of a country; you have to know what caused them and how to solve the problems so that the country can move on. A leader is not someone who enumerates problems or someone who reminds the citizens about the problems or someone who subterfuges. He is someone who solves problems even when it means confronting established ways.

I am very frustrated and depressed with President Jonathan not because I voted for him (I already said I didn't) and have now realised that I have erred, but because he is not convincing even after his highly suspected victory and inauguration.

He said it is his belief that anyone can become who he has become, given the right environment and opportunities. Thus he would create the right environment and opportunities for everyone. But in the past 13 months he didn't do anything in that direction and doesn't even seem to believe so, because even in his party, where he is the leader, he never pushed for an opportunity for the weak. Party men and women can only become anything because of who they know, not what they know or stand for.

If he truly has ideas, then he should be more forceful in delivering them. He must show some emotions, stop worrying about the feelings of his party men and women, and stand up for what everyone believes are honourable and for ethical principles.

The time for campaigns is over. Now is not the time for more promises; governance is about deeds. On some of the crucial problems facing our country, such as security, corruption and internal disunity, it is now time for the president to do something very drastic and convincing.

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