Monday, February 6, 2012

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Must Resign – Prof. Tam David West

Professor Tam David-West

The former Minister of Petroleum during the administration of General Muhammadu Buhari, Prof. Tam David West has called on the Minister of Finance, Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala to resign. In an exclusive interview with SaharaTV, Prof. West said that he plans to conduct a campaign to make sure that Mrs. Okonjo Iweala resigns.

“Mrs. Ngozi Okonji-Iweala is overblown…” the Professor of Virology said, “in British standard what she made in the university was 2nd class. There is nothing special about her. She must resign. She has misled President Jonathan.”

In a sweeping analysis of the Nigerian oil sector, Prof. West declared that “there is nothing like oil subsidy…It is a lie. What Nigeria is subsidizing is corruption.”

The 75-year senior academic painted a horrifying picture of the Nigerian oil industry. “The Nigerian oil is the worst managed in the world,” Prof West said. “It is managed by crooks. They are all crooks.”

He described the mess at the National Assembly investigation of oil subsidy were the Ministers of Petroleum, Finance and the Central Bank officials were giving conflicting figures on how much oil Nigeria uses and imports as a vindication of his assessment of the rut in the oil sector.

In his assessment of President Jonathan’s performance, Prof. West said that, “President Jonathan’s performance is not just despicable, it is disgraceful.” He insinuated that a head of state prostrated in front of his ministers was as good as finished.

As Minister of Mines Power and Steel under General Ibrahim Babangida, Prof. West was relived of his job and sentenced to life in prison for accepting a cup of coffee and a wrist watch from a company. He went to court and was acquitted of any wrong doing. 

During the interview, he told SaharaTV that State Security Agents broke into his house via the roof and took the watch. “I’m not blood-thirsty,” he said, “but all corrupt politicians must be killed. When you shot a few of them, others will learn a lesson and they will behave.”
Quoting Shehu Musa, Prof. West said that, “In Nigeria, it is not that the officials are corrupt, it is that corruption is official.”


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