Sunday, February 5, 2012


To most Monetarily Rich Nigerian Christian men/women: Here’s one cold hard truth for you to digest this Sunday afternoon. You cannot buy your way into heaven. So I’m really sorry to have to tell you that the brand new car or the expensive house or the round trip ticket, etc, that you bought for your Pastor the other day, is a total waste in the eyes of God.  

Remember the advice Christ offered the rich man who inquired of Him what he should do in order to inherit eternal life in the book of Mark 10:17? Well, anytime the water of charitable compassion wells up in you, meditate on Christ’s wise and eternally bountiful counsel to that rich man before you act.  

It’s the height of pitiable spiritual ignorance and outright canal insanity to shower your already well to do Pastor with expensive gifts when there are millions of impoverished folks all around the country in dire need of one basic necessity or the other.  

Walk just 2km around your neighborhood.  I guarantee you that you will undoubtedly discover a considerable number of men, women, children, stricken with one life-threatening ailment or the other but with no financial possibility to seek adequate medical care.  

You will also find many intelligent orphaned teens whose lives are about to take a horrible and irreversible dive deep into the dark ocean of hopelessness and crime because of lack of financial resources to enable them pursue education and no capable hands-on role model to stir them in the right direction. 

Yes, you will come in contact with many human vineyards of God ready to be cultivated in the spiritually justifiable and eternally rewarding ways God admonished the rich amongst us to dispose of their wealth.  

So my dear Monetarily Rich Nigerian Christian men/women who fits this bill, please wake up from your sleep and slumber today and start storing up incorruptible treasures in heaven while at the same time helping to build a better Nigeria for all by embarking on the above stipulated short walk around your neighborhood and cultivating God’s human vineyards instead of pampering your Pastor with corruptible material effects in the desolate hope of buying your way into heaven.   

It’s such a pity that by and large, those who know don’t have...and those who have don’t know. 

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