Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blaming Buhari for post-election violence is simply ridiculous..Monday Midnite

I dey laugh!!!Fellow Nigerians, why are we always contented in treating the symptom instead of the disease? 

The post election violence was precipitated by 12 woeful years of outright barefaced massive corruption by the PDP looting cabal. 

12yrs that saw tens of millions of our brothers and sisters swimming in the vile pool of abject poverty while the looting cabal and their family lived in tip top luxury. 

12 yrs of broken promises that saw our education system in near pulverization while the ruling elites sent their children to schools in neighboring Ghana and the Western world. 

12 awful years that saw hospitals across the nation metamorphosed into graveyards. 

Do I need to go on? Do I need to talk about the pitch darkness millions endure daily because of lack of power supply? Do I need to talk about our numerous roads of death? 

Folks, please, let's call a spade a spade. In any given society, when majority of citizens are condemned to live in such disastrous state of complete neglect, one don't need to be a rocket scientist to know that most of them can be incited on the fly with chump change and a loaf of bread to foment upheaval. 

On the other hand, any society where the government's impact is positively felt by majority of the citizens, no one can be induced to commit such heinous atrocities we saw in the aftermath of the elections.

 It's easy to cowardly point finger at Buhari coz a scapegoat is needed to satisfy our urge for what I would call placebo justice. But that's just misguided sentiment because  deep down inside we all know that there's no true healing there. So people, let's wake up from our sleep and slumber and focus on treating the disease instead of the symptom.  Shalom!!

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