Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dr Okwonjo Iweala and her World Bank jobs

I feel greatly ashamed to be part of this country at a time like this. I feel ashamed that not enough of our people either know enough, or have the guts to expose the lies and ignorance going on in our land. Last year when the arrangements were on to package and sell a fake messiah to us, I did see the handwriting on the wall. When in their desperation to stage their make-believe, they tried to ban our football at all levels for two years, hiding under the disgraceful performance at the World Cup in South Africa, I was lucky the Vanguard newspapers published my article. In it I sought to expose their charade and in the process was lucky to be the first person to label President Jonathan a fake messiah. Over one year down the line, a lot has happened. They have successfully foisted him on our nation and people. Our hope of breaking out of mis-governance, stealing in public office, lies and manipulation in powers has been lost, at least for the next four years. The signs are there, but few have come to realise it. The very messiah who promised among other things a fresh air has shown a total lack of the required tact and determination to bring about any freshness. After four months in office, where is the fresh air? Rather, what we got is a pretentious buck-passing game, handing over the task of revitalising our dead economy to Dr Iweala. The smart among us are getting to realise that the messiah we supposedly elected has neither vision nor agenda outside the usual loots that come with public office. His was just the animalistic desire to be a lord over us; lacking in any intelligence, any sound conviction or commitment to chart a new and better life for our dying population. Even as Dr Iweala goes about solving our economic problems, I see more ignorance and misconceptions on her part. I am once more alarmed that the madam they have dumped the hope of salvaging what is left for our people on her laps, has chosen to go the wrong way. There have been stories of her being an IMF/World Bank stooge. Some say she was a middle-level World Bank staff until after the Obasanjo regime when she did a good work for them, ensuring our nation wasted a whopping $16b to settle doubtful loans; after which she was compensated with a higher office. I have no evidence to accuse her even while I strongly believe the repayment of the loan was part of the tactics used by western powers to reduce the impact of the banking crises that engulfed them then. I remember vividly that she was part of Obasanjo’s NEEDS agenda that bought us no success. I remember all they can achieve in terms of jobs creation was the importation of tricycles. I am also convinced she must be in the know of the massive stealing that went on during Obasanjo’s tenure. Today, I see no success in the route she is embarking on. I see in her a brainwashed slave of the present neo-colonial order that we are in, one who has been given the task of liberating other slaves. I see the economic conditions at our home vis-à-vis the world economic order as that of masters and slaves. So long as we, as the slaves of the present world order, allow ourselves to be brainwashed by our domineering masters, our freedom and economic wellbeing will never be. Which other explanation will I give the recent purported agreements reached with the World Bank to create jobs in Nigeria? In which country has IMF/World Bank created jobs? Rather their policies are responsible for the massive jobs losses recorded in third world countries, in the past. The Americans and Europeans who controls the Bretton Woods institutions are presently battling with serious economic problems. Their public finances are in the red, their people are losing their jobs in record numbers, yet our ignorant messiahs expect them to create jobs for us and not for their donor countries. In the midst of this, they are dragging our country into a contest with China, in a war that is not ours. Why will she ask for Chinese jobs to be relocated in the open? What about American or European jobs? Must we take jobs from China before we can create our own jobs? The Chinese are winning the economic war against the Europeans and the Americans, who have played all known tricks and will continue to do so, until they take back the advantage. Even if she has the capacity to take some jobs from China back home, it must be a discreet game. It is only a foolish ignorant person who lacks knowledge of the world economy that will make the statement credited to her. Dragging the name of our country in a direct competition for jobs with the Chinese can only satisfy the goals of her masters. She has unknowingly offered herself and our nation as tools by her masters to fight the Chinese with. In the end, it is the Nigerian masses that will bear the brunt because even if IMF/World Bank can take some jobs from China, those jobs will never find their way to Africa. They will rather head to Europe and America. Obama presently will do everything within his power to grab any possible jobs to reduce the unemployment rate which may work against his re-election next year. So will most other politicians in Europe. Yet our messiahs look up on them to create our jobs. Even at that, how will IMF/World Bank create jobs for us? Is it the Bretton Woods institutions that will restore security of lives and property in our country? Will they also get our policing working, to ensure law and order? Is it their task to repair our failed roads and railways? How will the companies in China relocate to Nigeria when we cannot even generate enough power to run the few companies in our land? How will they operate in our corruption-infested environment where government and its official are the greatest disincentive to investment? How will they ensure that our courts work to ensure that business disagreement are settled in record times? Can there be a flourishing business/investment environment where basic law and order is impossible? Can one move goods from one place to another in our country without bribing the police? Can an investor trust the local manager of his companies in present-day Nigeria where everyone, from security staff and secretaries to management staff, is stealing from their companies? First things first! Get our laws working and everything will follow. No amount of lies and deception will work. For Nigeria to work, Jonathan must change; he must first be educated and knowledgeable enough to understand basic world politics. He must be sincere enough to abandon self-interest. He must be committed enough to enforce the right behaviour among his ministers and his party executives. His kitchen staff, even his family, must all be above board. The mess in our judiciary must be cleaned up, the docile security personnel who survive on patronage must be sacked, and our security system cleaned up. The stealing in government circles must stop. Our laws must begin to work. To want to make impact as President of Nigeria while tolerating all the stealing going on is a deception that will never work. IBB tried it and it caught up with him. Obasanjo lived it for eight years and the result is dying population of the day. Jonathan taking the same way will definitely leave us in a worse state. Borrowing from the devious Obasanjo who I hate every of his ways: I can only say “I DEY LAUGH OH” because I am convinced Dr Iweala and Jonathan have already failed. Running adverts in newspapers to showcase results that are lacking in celebration of his first 100 days will never work. After four years, Nigerians will continue in our dying state realising that we have been fooled again, while Jonathan and his cohorts will be smiling to the banks with stolen trillions.

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