Thursday, March 10, 2011

BUHARI IS THE ONE--Monday Midnite

There ‘s no such thing as a perfect or messianic political leader, and I’m not in any way or form under  the illusion that Nigeria will automatically experience a collective transformational epiphany that will catapult her to the top of the economic ladder of respect and power amongst the elite nations of the world  if my preferred candidate for President in the April electoral dispensation comes out victorious. But based on his outstanding  past record in comparison to his opponents, BUHARI has the potential to set our beloved country on the road to her deserved place of greatness.
As the deadliest of the many life threatening diseases that consistently ails our country, Nigeria desperately needs a firm, steely, unwavering and highly principled leader to help terminate this seemingly incurable affliction. Based on factual records, and in comparison to his two main opponents, BUHARI stands head and shoulders above as the one with a better chance of delivering on his promises to battle corruption from the top down.
 No reasonable Nigerian is oblivious of the fact that INDSCIPLINE is like a never-ending category 5 hurricane constantly barraging the entire spectrum of our nation and aiming to leave nothing but total destruction in its trail unless its antidote…DISCIPLINE….is once again returned to play a prominent role in our  development as a nation.  Apart from the six months reign of Murtala Mohammed and all throughout the BUHARI/IDIAGBON regime, there has been no other period of time in our recorded history since independence that the word discipline was effectively instilled in the collective psychic of our people. So in effect,  amongst the three front runners, only BUHARI has a proven record of success in this area.  Although many would argue that in a democratic dispensation, he cannot replicate the same success he had against  INDISCIPLINE as a military leader, but such unsubstantiated viewpoint is mostly held by  folks who continues to wrongfully attribute his success back then to the UNIFORM he was wearing instead of the man who wore the uniform. Admittedly, I  also harbored the same viewpoint not too long ago until the day that deep thoughts compelled me to confront myself with the following questions: Didn’t GOWON wear the same UNIFORM? Didn’t OBASANJO wear the same UNIFORM? Didn’t BANBAGIDA wear the same UNIFORM? Didn’t ABACHA wear the same UNIFORM? Where was DISCIPLINE in the unified consciousness of our people during the military regimes of the above mentioned ex-leaders?  After seriously brooding over these questions, I  came to the fair conclusion that it was the inherent moral character and the self-discipline nature of the man MOHAMMED, the man BUHARI, that propelled each of them to mount a serious WAR against this destructive HURRICANE  known as INDISCIPLINE during their military regimes, and not the UNIFORM they had on.

Even as a Military leader,  BUHARI had a clear enough vision to recognize and unequivocally reject the same quick sinking sand of an IMF LOAN which BABANGIDA was all too glad to accept when he took over reigns, but which, till date, remains the single most disastrous, economy ruining decision of any regime in our history. BUHARI knew then that the binding conditions tied to that ill-fated IMF LOAN would be an albatross around our nation’s neck. Needless to say that history has proven him right.

The Shagari administration that preceded Buhari’s regime as a military leader saw our foreign debt rise to a staggering  $18 billion. IMF and World Bank proposed and pressured  Nigeria to accept a SAP Loan as the only way out.  But Buhari, like I stated above, rejected the loan, imposed a moratorium on ALL foreign loans, employed a counter trade policy for needed commodities, and concentrated on building our economy with homegrown resources.  With unparallel discipline and by digging in deep, he was able to pay off nearly 50% of our foreign debts, he reduced inflation by 19% (from 23% to 4%), and had us on the road to  economic  recovery until a certain destroyer in the name of IBB overthrew the Buhari/Idiagbon’s regime.
As Head Of State, Buhari decreed affirmative action for women, the first Nigerian leader to do that. And in recognition for his role in advancing the rights of women for equity in our male dominated society, he was recently bestowed with  the “Legacy Ambassadors Award”  by AAUW (American Association of University Women) in New York.
Buhari is the only ex-leader alive who does not have a house in ABUJA. He’s perhaps the only ex-leader who doesn’t own a petrol station, a rig, a refinery, or an oil block, despite having all the opportunities in the world to possess all of the above while he was the head of PTF.  He’s the only ex-leader who is regarded across the country as corruption-free. He’s the only ex-leader alive credited with instilling a sense of duty, responsibility, accountability, discipline and hard work into the Nigerian psychic.  I’m confident that he will replicate these and more if he wins the April election and become our President. So my sisters and brothers, BUHARI IS THE ONE for me, and should be the one for all those who would love to see a much more economically vibrant , disciplined, and corruption free Nigeria. 

Folks, as you all know, I’m a recording artist and a semi avid blogger who deeply cares about lifting our potentially great country from the deplorable state she’s still undeservedly languishing in after 50yrs of independence.  I’m not a politician, I'm not aspiring to become one, and I have no connection whatsoever with Buhari or anyone related to him. I’m also not a member of his party or his  campaign team.  As a matter of fact, I’m a registered member of Wole Soyinka’s party, DFPF as a supporter.  I wasn’t asked or paid to do this, and neither will I ever consider being paid to support any politician. Monday Midnite is NOT FOR SALE. I’m doing this purely as a concerned citizen. I searched my soul inside out and did an extensive research on the three frontrunners before coming to the objective and unbiased conclusion that BUHARI IS THE ONE.    

Thanks for your time. God bless you, and may God bless Nigeria and the rest of the world.  

Monday Midnite.


  1. dreaddy olusegun lawani:
    If General Buhari's past record as a military head of state,is as clean as you seems to say here,right,droda Midnight,can you,please,tell us then,why the hell he feels so relunctant to say what he is going to do for us we the oppresed,po -or,common,ordinary, and alas!majority of us nig -erians? and how is he going to do it? will it be with us,the street people,or without us?
    for today,we the street people want him,or/and any other nigerian,who are aspiring to be the next elected president of our dear motherland,to as a matter of priority,probe for the sake of justice,the 38+12 years of the illegal military com civilian oppressive oligarchy regimes(who kept and are still keeping us in a subhuman bondage)the world ever know.and whos noteable distructive lagacies we are today harvesting-as a failed nation! right? they have to,and sure gatto give account right,of all the croocked things that they did during all these 40 long years in power,without which we can not pretend to lay a good,and new,democratical foundation for our generation and for the future generation and,thus,turn a new chapter in the sad history of our goddam nation!

  2. @Lawani...My brother, please visit Buhari/Bakare's website and read their party's manifesto. There are a lot of good plans to move the nation forward in it if they are implemented well. But like I stipulated in the opening statement of my blog, there's no such thing as a perfect or messianic leader, my support for Buhari is based on the fact that he's the best amongst the three front runners we are presented with.

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