Tuesday, March 22, 2011


There's this growing heart-wrenching lamentation amongst many of our citizens, especially in the aftermath of the NN24 Presidential debate, that our country deserves much better than the three notable presidential aspirants and therefore hopeless for us to participate in the electoral process. Well, frankly speaking, the glaring fact that none of the three front runners scales the admirable height in our collectively desired leadership acceptability Pole Vault has been 411 on the 101 to most of us from day one. And as I've declared umpteen times on the blogosphere, in order for our nascent democratic dispensation to survive, it is absolutely imperative that we perform our civic duty and make a choice out of the three headlining apples we are presented with. Here's my brief take on them.

(1) A proven, experienced apple with a record of economic dexterity, tough and effective stance against two of the most deadly diseases plaguing our nation (corruption and indiscipline), as well as a steel-willed personae and a fearless, resolute demeanor desperately needed to confront the vicious and heartless looting cabal who are bent on totally annihilating our country.

(2) An incumbent rotten apple who is an integral part of the said looting cabal, with absolutely no conviction whatsoever. A key member of the ruling party that has relentlessly fomented unspeakable atrocities against our country for 12yrs.  A man who’s not firmly grounded on decision making. A man who consistently  flip-flops, quavers and wavers, without the capacity to think things through before acting. His spontaneous decision to unjustly suspend the entire Eagle’s team after the World Cup without due process and prior consultation with the legally and internationally acknowledged authority on football matters (FIFA), comes to mind. And let’s not talk about the ridiculously unwise decision to purchase  three executive presidential Jets , and the colossal amount spent on the ill-fated 50th anniversary celebration while tens of millions of our people languishes in abject poverty.  

(3) An unripe, unproven apple. A seemingly bright young man but very inexperienced and limitedly knowledgeable in governmental affairs.  His emergence as the head of the anti-graft agency that catapulted him to the political front line was clinically orchestrated by an unrepentant evil minded manipulator (OBJ) for his selfish political agenda. His achievements in the said agency have been proven to be comprehensively flawed and biased.  He’s also very na├»ve and unsure of himself, and therefore will be viciously tossed up and down and back and forth in our treacherous political terrain. His new political godfather, Tinubu, has him on a tight leash. That much was determined when  his choice for a running mate was publicly rejected and replaced by Tinubu.

These are the front-runners in a nutshell. The first one, BUHARI, stands head and shoulders above the others in view of personal qualities and record of achievements. He remains my choice. And I strongly believe he should be the obvious unanimous choice amongst the three if we can all grow up enough to put our sentiments aside and think objectively in terms of making do with the best out of what we have as opposed to lamenting over what we do not have. A bird in hand they say, is worth more than two in the bush. 

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