Saturday, March 12, 2011

You risk arrest, Jonathan’s camp warns Buhari

The political camp of President Goodluck Jonathan warned, on Thursday, that the CPC presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari risked arrest should his supporters continue to cause breakdown of law and order in the country.
People said to be CPC supporters in Gombe had gone on the rampage in the town attacking innocent people.
The Director, Media and Publicity of the PDP Presidential Campaign Camp, Mallam Abba Dabo says the violence was provoked by what he called Buhari’s repeated calls to violence.
He therefore, warned that the ruling party would no longer fold its arms while its supporters were continually assaulted.
His words: “We note with dismay, the wanton and unprovoked violence meted against PDP supporters in Gombe by the followers of CPC Presidential Candidate, General Mohammadu Buhari, and condemn in strongest term this criminal and dangerous behaviour.
“This deliberate act of anarchy, a direct consequence of Buhari’s repeated calls to violence, is an act of provocation against our law abiding supporters, and if not nibbed in the bud, would signal a series of destructive violence nationwide, for which Buhari will be held responsible for unleashing.
“The CPC Presidential Candidate at every opportunity has spared no time, in urging his supporters to take the law into their hands, a reason why everywhere he goes, his campaigns have been trailed by anarchy and mayhem.
“We call on the security to fully investigate the immediate and remote causes and bring to book anyone involved, no matter his position. “Buhari’s recent apology for the actions of his unruly supporters is admission of his guilt and complicity in the series of pre-meditated attacks on our supporters.
“While we commit our party to the pledge of our President for a free, fair and crises-free election in April, we cannot continue to fold our arms as our supporters are continually assaulted.”

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  1. President Jonathan's camp recently issued a warning to Buhari that he may be arrested for the alleged violent behavior of his supporters. When is it the job of one political campaign team to threaten the leader of another campaign team with arrest? Isn't that the job of law enforcement officials? Truth is, Jonathan and his PDP looting cabal are fidgeting over their imminent overwhelming rejection in the coming election and are employing every trick in the book to stifle Buhari. Well, Jonathan/PDP, scare tactics is not going to cut it. Nigerians are sick and tired of your looting ways. You are on your way out the door.