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I have decided not to vote for the PDP in the next elections. They’ve had the opportunity to deliver the dividends of democracy to my nation and her people and they have largely failed. They have continued to over-promise and re-promise the same things without doing anything significant to make the life of the ordinary Nigerian better. For 12 years.
Voting is not child’s play, it is an action a people do when they willingly surrender the ability to determine the direction and the pace in which the country will go (towards development or damnation) into the hands of one man/people. Apart from being a reflection of our intelligence, it is also the only major opportunity a people have to choose their leader peacefully. Once that is done especially in Africa, we are left with complaining and protests. We are about to put the scepter and the staff in the hands of someone and I think it is an insult for us to vote without a careful and objective thought and how it affects our daily lives.
I have decided not to vote for the PDP in the next elections. They’ve had the opportunity to deliver the dividends of democracy to my nation and her people and they have largely failed. They have continued to over-promise and re-promise the same things without doing anything significant to make the life of the ordinary Nigerian better. For 12 years they have allowed our cousins, friends and neighbours become sacrifices on roads they habitually collect money to repair – ok, they repair it when their close relatives die. They have consciously slaughtered every public infrastructure created to make our lives better only to tell us they will be better when we sell it to them and their cronies. We have empowered them by not voting and they punish us for voting them into power (with our silence) by building an island of prosperity in the quicksand of poverty. Without telling us their ideology they have demonstrated it, they have shown they care more about having power than doing something with it.
In 25 ways PDP won’t have my vote and in 25 ways I will demand we vote not for anything and anyone that represents the same ideology (PDP or not); we must vote and ensure the people we are voting for have the capacity to cause a reversal in our fortunes. Nigeria needs drastic and aggressive reforms and we need leaders with the heart, courage and capacity to do that.
1. Firstly? I gave up long ago about getting President Jonathan to willingly appear for any presidential debate, I still hope he does. In the past 12 years, no PDP presidential aspirant has featured in a presidential debate. After watching Lagos Gubernatorial on Channels TV, I think you should know why …

2. The PDP has demonstrated over time and across situations that they are not interested in solving the Nigerian problem except staying in power… their solution? throwing money at problems (check here

3. In 1999 Petrol was N22 per liter and 12 years after, after billions being pumped into refineries and papers written, the price of petrol per liter is almost competing with that of a liter of bottled water (N65)

4. Though crude oil has witnessed a boom and has sold well above the benchmark price for a better part of the last 12 years, the PDP-controlled government had not been able to address the critical issues of power and poverty

5. In the last 12 years, PDP has mouthed its commitment to the rule of law on one hand and the certification of illegality on the other e.g. President Jonathan’s South west Campaign Manager (OGD) runs his state without a Legislative arm and his Bauchi counterpart has two deputies, he has made no single statement about this.

6. PDP hasn’t stopped using state resources to harass its political opponents. After clearing allegations on Tinubu, Ribadu and El-Rufai over some time, they have begun to unleash every state parastatal at its disposal to distract these people from the electoral process.

7. Under PDP’s watch in the last 12 years, Education has nose-dived and is collapsing. In all public examinations Nigerian students failed with an average of 92% with the NECO exams having Nigerians having up to 98% failure rate. PDP’s solution – Throw more money at problems again by building one university in each state while the existing ones are barely surviving. Duh?

8. If a list of 100 people were to be compiled, with the names of people that have pauperized Nigeria and reduced the country to a theatre of unending tragicomedy, 80 of the names would probably be PDP top shots. – apologies to Salisu Suleiman

9. Few years ago, webcasts were seen as archetypes of the Middle East. Today Nigerians are whipping up every reason in their minds to maim and fight one another. Our NYSC members posted for national service are being turned into sacrifices to the god of disunity. Insecurity has reached frightening proportions. Yet the Jos they refused to go when people were being slaughtered is the place they thronged to when they needed votes. Security? I score PDP 25%.

10. Nigerian presidents have been characterized by the people surrounding them. People said Abacha was a good man who had bad advisers. The difference between Obasanjo’s first and second term ministers and advisers have proved this. I really may not be against a Jonathan as a person, but I wonder the kind of president he will be with the kind of new friends he has (Have you read “My REAL friends and I?)

11. Asking about their plan for the next four years, PDP has said nothing different from what they have been saying. More money, more committees and they smile to the bank

12. Despite admitting they have made income that will make all other African nations grow with envy, Nigerians have continued to groan under the yoke of inconsistent economic policies, lack of electricity and an abysmal results in maternity and mortality rates – Nigerians are dying, PDP is dancing

13. I remember Mallam Muhammadu Buhari for WAI; Abacha for PTDF; Abusauhlami for handing over; IBB for Third Mainland Bridge and Abuja …. The only landmark PDP will have me remember it for is telecommunication…Then they reduced our indebtedness and they’ve got us into debt again.

14. Forget the mouthing of campaign rallies and promises to fight corruption. Corruption rate in1999 was 50% and 95% in 2011. Haven’t the PDP reflected its ideologies in celebrating the ‘achievements’ of an ex-convict? OBJ said he was tricked, what has Mr. President said?

15. Despite huge budgets allocated to the transportation and the awarding and re-awarding of contracts, I still cannot mention a major road in Nigeria that has witnessed a transformation within PDP’s rule in last 12 years. Oh ok, the Sango Bridge in Ogun State – it took them 10 years. But, must some Nigerians die so that others can live?

16. Manufacturers also agree with me, more companies have moved out of Nigeria under PDP’s watch than at any other time. In the textile industry alone, the 129 companies have abandoned factory, infrastructure and disillusioned staff to begin again in neighboring countries. We have been turned into a country that imports everything.

17. Brazil built a power plant of 120,000 MW in 3yrs with a loan which they also paid back in 3yrs. South Africa gave a contract for a 5,000 MW power plant at a cost of just $3b!!! PDP spent $17b in 
12yrs yet electricity remains a priviledge.

18. The PDP doesn’t believe our political system needs adjustment. OBJ allowed reforms to push his third term agenda, Yaradua said he was elected to make that decision, and Jonathan said it is 96 years late. Will we continue in this macabre dance? ( apologies to Igodomigodo)
Brazil built a power plant of 120,000 MW in 3yrs with a loan which they also paid back in 3yrs. South Africa gave a contract for a 5,000 MW power plant at a cost of just $3b!!! PDP spent $17b in 12yrs yet electricity remains a priviledge.

19. While people might say the reason why PDP’s weakness is pronounced is because they are in power, their culture of impunity is unprecedented and they are gradually dragging the judiciary into the fray. Can we just try someone else?

20. While the average Nigerian employee is fighting for the approval of NGN 18,000 as minimum wage. Our House of Assembly men were busy milking the nation. They remain the highest paid employees in the nation (yes also in the world!). Yet, evry tenure, the House allocates money for Officers’ quarters only to offer it up for sale to themselves at the tail end of their tenure. The next set of Assembly members come in and the cycle goes on again … presently, official quarters of key official are up for sale and Mr. President hasn’t said anything

21. While we have recorded successes in terms of reforms within the financial and economic sectors everyone admits it has not translated into economic progress for the average Nigerian. The key issue? Infrastructure. But then PDP’s approach is to award more contracts to cronies? Will this ever work?

22. Of course everything is hitting the roof and income sources are dipping fast; Fertilizer: N1,200/bag in 1999 and N4,800 in 2011; Sugar:N2,500/bag in 1999 and N8,500 in 2011; Cooking Gas:N450 in 1999 and N3,000 in 2011; Rice:N2,500 in 1999 and N9,000 in 2011. Well the people benefiting from the system will never know the difference.

23. In a country where people were complaining and finding difficult to eat, my President expended 17 Billion Naira to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of a nation to which he admitted that the only thing to celebrate was our being together. ( CNN interview: – “″ch?v=TYj9coCZpc8)

24. Of course Jonathan seems like the good guy with all the luck, but then he is learning the ropes fast. The people he has been encouraged to approach for donations don’t give donations, they make investments

25. Finally I look at the myriad of challenges and courage it will take to lead Nigeria. I look at our multifaceted challenges and the amount of gusto the next leader will need to have. I look at the multitude of varied interests and opinions that need attention in Nigeria. I look at the contestants and I have decided to do President Jonathan a favour and not vote him into power.

In the last few weeks I have seen people give support because they want an honest man. I have seen the eyes of the okada man brighten with the possibilities of a new Nigeria. I have seen Christians go for meetings in a mosque (and vice versa) for a new system of leadership. I have taken time to be on the streets, I have seen the efforts of someone’s NGN1000 and another’s NGN50 make a difference in our efforts. I have seen the enlightened and the uneducated agree to pull our efforts in the direction we believe in. We can never remain the same again, we have seen the light; we have embraced the new Nigeria from afar. I see it; I smell it, a nation where your diligence makes a difference; a nation of equal opportunities to succeed. A nation we will believe in and not the one we will be leaving; a nation where sound character can stand as legal tender. Between that dream and our present realities are our votes. I have decided to cast mine for the Buhari-Bakare ticket, what about you?

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