Friday, April 8, 2011


Nigeria will be rid of corruption and morality will be brought back to governance if the Congress for Progressive Change [CPC] wins next week's presidential election, its presidential candidate General Muhammadu Buhari said in Lagos yesterday.

He spoke at the public presentation of the CPC's election manifesto. Buhari said a CPC-led government will seek the disarmament of all criminal gangs in the country and will secure the entire polity. He said, "We shall make this nation uncomfortable for those who do not want to play by the rules. This nation must be set free from the clutches of our corrupt culture."
He also said a CPC government's main focus will be in the areas of security, raising the standard of education an
d providing quality services at all levels, aggressive pursuit of youth development and youth employment, rehabilitating dilapidated infrastructure, total disarmament in the Niger Delta region as well as finding solutions to its social problems and laying down a comprehensive blueprint for the region's development.
Buhari also said, "We shall challenge vested interests and erase unearned privileges. Propriety and legality will be our new watchwords and hopefully, in time this will become the new business as usual for the nation."

He said after only one term in office, "a CPC government will entrench a new democratic culture that will be impossible to dismantle even by the most tough-minded anti democrats."
Also speaking at the public presentation was former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory Malam Nasir El-Rufai, who said the PDP-led administration in the past 12 years has shown clearly that they are not the type of government required by the Nigerian populace.
He urged Nigerians to vote for the CPC in the forthcoming elections and in a situation where the CPC is not fielding a candidate for an elective post, the electorate should vote for any party other than the PDP.

"When Buhari becomes the president of this country, some politicians will leave this country and hide in other countries because they know that he has what it takes to stamp out corruption because his mere presence will instil discipline in every one and this is kind of a person we need in this country", el-Rufai said.
Unveiling of the manifesto was done by Buhari's running mate Pastor Tunde Bakare, who enumerated numerous programmes for the country in all sectors and listed the ways by which the programmes will be implemented. He said Buhari will not borrow funds or deplete the foreign reserve in order to carry out the change and transformation required by the country, but will rely on prudence and transparency.
Bakare also said, "The CPC agenda to put food on your tables is to create jobs so you can work and provide for your families."

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