Thursday, April 14, 2011


Stella Lebi

I wonder if many people are not missing the point. The clamour for Buhari's presidency is not about the man as an individual. It is about pulling Nigeria from the edge of a cataclysm. It is about finding a strong man to deliver us from the marauders in the PDP. It is about the fear we nurse, the hopelessness of our future. It is about the fact that Nigeria may just tank out if we continue under the wretched umbrella of the PDP. Let the truth be told, Nigeria as we see it today is a sad and tragic joke. In 12 years of the misrule of the PDP, we have descended into an abyss of want, hopelessness, desperation and incredible poverty. Unfortunately, we are afflicted with a more dangerous ailment which is POVERTY OF THE MIND.

I would have encouraged the man to offer an apology to all whom he wronged or perceived to be wronged under his military dictatorship. Unfortunately, that suggestion died on arrival with his handlers. Nothing wrong in apologizing. That word SORRY makes a lot of difference in life. I was told it is not a Nigerian thing and so we missed that opportunity. Frankly, I do not see it as a sign of weakness, but of immense internal strength. However, that apology must go round. We expect the same from the brute of Otta, Olusegun Obasanjo for being that thief in the night who came to steal,maim  and destroy. We expect the same apology from all those in the ruling  party, the PDP for the incredible pain  they  inflicted on us in the last 12 years. We expect the same from all who made money and became emergency zillionaires at our expense. All those who came from zero bank balance to  become mega rich on account of being ministers under the misrule of the PDP.We expect deep and unreserved apologies from all those who have turned the lives of the majority upside down in the last 12 years. Those governors who throw lavish 300 million naira weddings in states where illiteracy rate is super high, where innocent children whose education votes were diverted into wedding planning. We expect apologies from all those who fly out of Nigeria every time they have a mere cold while the rest of us contend with mortuaries presented to us as hospitals. We expect apologies from those who advocated off shore presidency even while they knew former president was terminally ill. I will not be able to resist those who are rabid sectional jingoists like Aliyu Tilde. They did not realize that as long as they campaigned  with the attitude of Manifest destiny, they were doing more harm than good. All those governors who stole enough in the Niger delta to require abdominoplasty should also apologize to us and to all those innocent children who were deprived minimum  and barest decent livelihood.We expect apologies from thew judiciary for compromising their ethical standards, for assuming the roles of judicial prostitutes. For violating the trust we had in them as being the last hope of the common man. We expect apologies from Turai Yardua, Mariam Abacha for stealing what does not belong to them. We now know better all thanks to Sahara Reporters and Wiki Leaks. We expect apologies from all those who were paid to paint Buhari as the bogey man. As said, we are not voting for Buhari as an individual, we are voting for a man who can pull us back from the edge of an abyss. We are tired of living our lives this way. We are tired of people manipulating us for their own good. We are tired of seeing our so called leaders going from zero bank balance  to becoming landlords of hill top mansions in Minna and Abeokuta.  We are tired of all those unkept promises about better tomorrow. We now know they are noting but hot air. We want someone who will walk the talk. We no longer need stupid crazy promises.

As stated  earlier, it is not about Buhari now, it is about the fact that Nigerians are just fed up living a use less and purposeless life. We are tired of going to line up in front of Western embassies to be treated worse than their dogs because we want to escape the hell hole called Nigeria. It is not about Buhari as an individual, it is about the fact that another 4 years of the PDP in government represent the nightmare we will rather not experience. It is not about Buhari, it is about the fact that we want a strong man who can rescue from our INTERNAL SLAVE TRADERS AND JAILERS OF OUR SOULS. It is not about Buhari as an individual, but about the fact that we have admitted and collectively so that Nigeria STINK TO HIGH HEAVENS WITH CORRUPTION AND WE NEED A DRASTIC SANITIZING OF THE ENVIRONMENT. It is not about Buhari now, it is about the fact that we know we can do better than we are doing. We know things do not have to be the way it is currently. It is because we are tired of GOING TO GHANA IN DESPERATION FOR SURVIVAL. WE ARE TIRED OF HAVING OUR WOMEN ARRESTED FOR PROSTITUTION IN EUROPE. NO LONGER DO WE WANT O LOSE OUR SONS TO THE UNFORGIVEN TERRAIN OF SAHARA DESSERT IN THEIR BID TO ESCAPE THE HELL HOLE CALLED NIGERIA. WE NO LONGER WANT O BE A NATION WITH SUPER QUALIFIED PEOPLE WHO CANNOT TRANSFER THEIR SKILLS TO THE PEOPLE BACK HOME. Nigerians are super achievers in all walks of life, in all parts of the world. That is where it ends. The 12 years of misrule by the PDP has kept them in foreign lands, working to develop host countries while our people languish at home. The jails of Western countries hold innumerable Nigerians. Victims of innocence, victims of criminalityy, but above all victims of the misrule of the 12 years of hell under the PDP. These are people who escaped from Nigeria under the wrong impression that they could do better in host countries, but fell foul of their strange laws. I am not in any way advocating or cuddling crime. I am only saying these kids do not need to be out there were Nigeria not ruined by the grim reapers in the PDP.

Nigerians are the hardest working people in life, the kindest, the most resourceful and most resilient. However, we have reached the breaking point. We have reached a point where we can no longer endure the BUSINESS AS USUAL ATTITUDE OF THE PDP. I expect all sympathizers of the staus quo to cuss me out on this issue, but in my mind, I am sure I am doing the right thing backing Buhari. Where were all these clowns when Turai yardua was taking Nigeria for a ride? where were they when the PDP dominated National Assembly was playing games with us over Yardua. I am proud to say I stood up to be counted debunking the foolish stories spined to us by the then Yardua cabal. So, Buhari himself was mute at that time. How many  other leaders but Obasanjo who was in any case the architect of the whole drama spoke up? The others spoke up only when they realized that yardua was in no position to return as the president of Nigeria.  Where were all these Niger Delta people when Jonathan was being rubbished by the liks e of Aliyu Tilde over zoning. i am proud once again to say I walked the talk. It is not anything ethnic. I am a Niger delta woman and fiercely and proudly so. I have no apologies to give to any one for being from the Niger Delta of Nigeria. That is where it ends though. More than anything else, I am a VERY PROUD NIGERIAN, whereas the interest of Nigeria trounce my interests as a Niger deltan. You may call me naive, it is alright. As long as we remain ethnic jingoists, Nigeria will not see any progress.

Nigerians are just fed up maintaining the status quo. It is not about Buhari, it is about wanting and seeing someone in him who can rescue us from th imminent  depth of no return  with another 4 years of PDP misrule. No doubt the Niger delta has been short changed. No doubt we are abused people, but the PDP cannot correct the injustice inflicted on us over decades. One would have thought President Jonathan would have made giant strides correcting the ills of the society, but he is held in a vice grip by a cabal that are worse than piranhas. It is time to change.

That is why we have decided to cast our lot with Buhari. If we fail on Saturday, I shudder to think of what will happen to us. Buhari and a good number of us really have nothing to lose. The majority, I hope will go out and vote wisely on Saturday. This is the last call before we fall into eternal abyss of pain and sorrow. No one should despair, no one should weep. We need to save those tears for when we will be confronted by the monster of  deprivation that will be unleashed on us by the PDP.

The choice is yours. Vote wisely, vote for BUHARI on Saturday. That vote is not for him as an individual, it is for you, to save you from you, to save you from the scepter of evil that the PDP represent. No doubt, Buhari has several faults. Like the rest of us, he has a foot of clay. But then, let him who has no sin cast the first stone.  Seriously, the man is a saint compared to OBJ. VOTE WISELY ON SATURDAY, VOTE BUHARI AND THE CPC. DO NOT BE DECEIVED BY LAST SATURDAY'S ABRACADABRA. THE MOMENTUM WILL CERTAINLY SWING THE OTHER WAY ON SATURDAY AND MAY GOD NOT HELP THOSE WHO WANT TO STEAL OUR VOTES.

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