Saturday, April 2, 2011


Presidential candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change [CPC]  General Muhammadu Buhari has said the CPC government will not tolerate indiscipline and corruption if elected  President.
General Buhari spoke in Benin yesterday at a Town Hall meeting with members of the public and party supporters at the Oba Akenzua  hall.

He urged the people to be highly mobilized to vote for the CPC, promising that his government would be transparent and accountable to the people. He said, “There will be no room for indiscipline and corruption when the CPC comes to power”. He reiterated his earlier call on the people to make sure they vote and make their votes count.
Speaking in the same vein, the vice presidential candidate of the party, Pastor Tunde  Bakare,  noted that people were wondering what a pastor was doing in partisan politics, saying   in the past 12 years,  the country had been governed by dishonest men, so he decided to join partisan politics to  enthrone honesty which he said Buhari stands for.
Tuned Bakare said a CPC government would restructure the country and make provision for state and community police. He called on the people to vote for experience, not good luck.
Speaking with our reporter, the National Chairman of the CPC,  Prince Tony Momoh,  said those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable. He said though the party was against violence, he believes the people can genuinely protect their votes and urged the people to defend their votes.

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