Thursday, April 21, 2011

Presidential election was a sham, says Okotie

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Chris Okotie of the Fresh Democratic

The national chairman and presidential candidate of Fresh Democratic Party, Chris Okotie, has condemned the presidential election held last Saturday, describing it as a sham and calling for an interim government.
At a press conference held at the party's secretariat in Lagos yesterday, Mr Okotie said that his party had rejected the announced result because the Peoples Democratic Party had rigged the election in a disguised manner so that it looked free and fair.
He said the PDP had "scientifically and meticulously created a facade of free and fair election", adding that the only way forward for Nigeria is an interim government.
"A government that would be made up of people who have not been politically involved; men and women of calibre and timbre; people who have a Pan-Nigeria philosophy," he said.
Mr Okotie, however, condemned the violence in the North attributing it to the PDP and the current administration. He appealed to the protesters to "embrace dialogue".
Speaking further about the crisis, he said the people in the North should not expect the government to come to their aid in terms of the crisis saying "our friends in the North should not depend on government, because they (government) have shown inability to handle the situation", adding "at best there would be a curfew and that is it".
Mr Okotie said he was not in concord with those who claim the elections were free and fair, saying "If PDP won, Nigeria has lost; if PDP won, we have lost; if PDP won our children have lost".
He said the PDP is not a popular political party and cannot take Nigerian anywhere, considering that it is a largely corrupt party. "PHCN accounts have not been audited, roads are still death traps and our people have been polarised and balkanised like never before," he added.
The pastor cum politician said that when the elections failed earlier, he had every reason to believe that INEC was using delay tactics to give the PDP ample time to devise means of rigging.

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