Saturday, April 9, 2011

Buhari to Jonathan: I have never stolen public funds

Nuruddeen M. Abdallah, Lagos

Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) Presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari has challenged Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, to publicly declare that he has never stolen public funds as a public officer. Buhari also declared that he has never touched a Kobo of public funds throughout his career in government. Buhari spoke in Lagos Wednesday at the presentation of CPC election manifesto. He said, “I have had the fortune and privilege of managing national resources in various capacities - as a military commander, as a state governor, as a minister, as head of the Petroleum Trust Fund and as the Head of State of this great country. And in all that I have been and done, I have never touched a Kobo of public funds.” Challenging Jonathan, his main rival in the presidential contest, Buhari said, “I say this without pride and with all sense of responsibility and humility, but I challenge anyone in the race for the leaders
hip of this country then or now to dare make the same claim.” It would be recalled that the Jonathan camp recently in some newspaper advertisements, attempted to link Buhari with some corruption cases and some individuals indicted over corruption.

“I am sure I could easily have retired into a life of comfort and ease as an elder statesman, as a contractor or as a beneficiary of anyone of the nation’s many generous offerings. But that is not what I wish to do with my life”, Buhari said.  The CPC presidential flag bearer said he was not into the race for personal aggrandisement, but,  “If I don’t take any of these alternative courses of action, it should be clear that I am not in this for the love of office or for pursuit after personal glory or in order to achieve some personal goal.”

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