Friday, April 1, 2011


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Sir of all the gladiators for the post of the presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, General 
Mohammadu Buhari is arguably the most experienced.
He has been a military administrator, a minister and Head of State. Pundits have based their 
objection to his ambition on the obnoxious policies of his military regime. They include the jailing
 of journalists through Decree 4 of 1984, executions of drug peddlers on a retroactive law, jailing 
of politicians, etc. His sins also include the incident of 53 suitcases brought into Nigeria illegally 
during his era. Buhari is equally accused of religious fanaticism and ethnic jingoism.
All these allegations in other climes are enough to stop his aspiration.
In spite of all these, he seems to have endeared himself to Nigerians through his fight 
against all forms of indiscipline, corruption, drug trafficking, armed robbery etc. He was able to 
awaken the sense of orderliness in the lives of Nigerians. His stern principle, self discipline and
 low profile are qualities required of a leader Nigeria needs at present.
Compared with the present administration, his regime would go on record as a watershed in the 
annals of Nigeria. The inability of the ruling party to impact on the lives of Nigerians after 12 solid
 years in the saddle, with endemic corruption, epileptic power supply, insecurity, kidnapping, bad roads,
 collapsed infrastructures, comatose economy, etc all signs of a failed state; all these point to the
 inevitability of change if Nigeria is to get out of the woods.
With his track record, Buhari stands tall among the present gladiators. He should be allowed to 
clear the Augean stable. Nigerians should not listen to the campaign of calumny by the political 
scavengers whose livelihood depends on corruption, which they know for sure that Buhari has 
zero tolerance for. This is the time to vote for him so that at his death, he would not be described 
as another best president Nigeria never had.

• Adewuyi Adegbite
Apake, Ogbomoso

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