Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jonathan’s Team Unleashes Rigging Spree--SAHARA REPORTERS

By SaharaReporters, New York
Correspondents and sources from different parts of Nigeria have disclosed to SaharaReporters that the ruling People’s Democratic Party is having a field day rigging today’s presidential polls.
“The PDP has used huge amounts of cash to buy the police, soldiers, officials of INEC and even other parties’ agents,” said one of our sources, a US-based attorney who traveled to Anambra State to observe the elections.
In Lagos State and most of the southwest states, the ruling party has been granted a free pass by ACN leader, Bola Tinubu, to rig the polls. Mr. Tinubu struck a deal with the Jonathan-Sambo team to help the PDP ticket win the votes it needs to carry the day.
In Kaduna, the PDP has moved in with stupendous cash to avert certain electoral embarrassment for Vice President Sambo. Mr. Sambo could not deliver his ward last week, leading to great panic on the part of the Jonathan-Sambo ticket.
One source said the ruling party this morning distributed N1.9 billion to electoral returning officers, security agents, and agents for other parties. A PDP source disclosed that the party had budgeted N3 billion per state for the purpose of stealing votes.
In Kaduna, the responsibility for disbursing the party’s largess was left in the hands of Alhajis Hussaini Jallo, Muktar Yero (the deputy governor), Hamisu Mairago, and Lawal Ismail.

In Anambra, the ruling party’s vote-buying budget was managed by Women Affairs Minister Josephine Anenih, and Andy Uba, a former aide to former President Olusegun Obasanjo. In addition, Governor Peter Obi of Anambra reportedly spent hundreds of millions of the state’s funds ensure victory for Mr. Jonathan.
Our sources said Mr. Andy Uba distributed cash last night to president-generals of various communities in Anambra. The distribution took place at a hotel in Aguluezechukwu town. Governor Obi had imposed so-called president-generals as head of town unions in Anambra.
While Mr. Uba was distributing the funds given to him by the Jonathan campaign, our sources said Mrs. Anenih was almost physically attacked by two PDP politicians, Ken Emekayi and Chudi Offodile because she was reluctant to release the funds entrusted to her. “Madam [Minister Anenih] was accosted by these two men who were ready to attack,” a witness of the confrontation told SaharaReporters. Another source told us that Mrs. Anenih later released some funds to appease Mr. Offodile, a former member of the House of Representatives, but that she had not yet given any monies to Mr. Emekayi.
Several sources said Anambra had been turned into a free rigging field for the Jonathan ticket. “The police and army have cordoned off polling booths all over Anaocha local government area, and PDP members are thumb printing ballots which INEC officials then sign and drop in as votes,” said a source. He added that agents representing the other parties had been offered bribes that are several times higher than their payments – and most of them were collaborating in the rigging. “There’s no more hope for this country,” said the source.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jonathan, who authorized the widespread rigging, was hypocritically proclaiming that today’s voting was free and free, adding that he had not interfered with officials of INEC.

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