Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nigeria's Glorious Days of Yesterday---Marian Iyabode Awolowo.

I remember the glorious days of Nigeria gone by, when Nigerians never had to drink "pure water" because the water from the tap was not safe. 

Our institutions of learning and system of education were at par with international standards. 

There weren't Nigerians in the diaspora washing toilets or doing dirty jobs. They would mostly go abroad on holidays or to study and then rush back home to the mother land. 

And in our country, there was safety, and ordinary Nigerians had confidence to go about their businesses day or night. 

Unemployment was almost never heard of; there was no lawlessness compared to today; there was constant electricity compared to today; the hospitals were pretty good compared to present day; and young Nigerians were not desperate compared to present day. 

No part of Nigeria was ruled by Sharia law, and there were no Christian fanatics. Morality was high compared to the Nigeria of today. Ppl loved and lived in love and with love. Ritual killings were not as rampant, and most ppl didn't even know it existed in our great country. 

The police and other armed forces respected life and human dignity compared to today's Nigeria. And except when we were at war, there was never a period when any Nigerian engaged in the bombing of other Nigerians on our land as we are witnessing today. In fact, during our life time, and for the first time in our history, we are witnessing bombings of innocent people across our precious Nigeria. 

Back then, corruption was at a very low level and people lived in harmony and love.  Our currency was one to one with pound sterling. 

I feel we need to be careful what we wish for. It is entirely up to us to make right what is clearly wrong in our country. I am sure we all love Nigeria, but it appears that we are denying the facts and basing our decision on sentiments. May God take control because too many innocent ppl have lost their lives already. Please remember them when u are deciding the future of our great country. PLEASE vote wisely and remain blessed. Muahhhh.

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